We here, at the Human Wellness Center, aim to provide the most up to date, cutting edge, scientific information on everything related to your health. This, we do, to empower you to take control of your own health and well being.

On this web site, you will find medically accurate profiles on health conditions, alternative therapys, as well as a host of nutrients: Vitamins, minerals, herbs, supplements, amino acids, types of fats; both good and bad, dieting information to suit your needs, wellness tips and tricks, exercise advice, and much more. We get to the bottom of what the literature says works, what may work, and what does not work.

We employ a team of professionals who scrutinize every product and every ingredient available on the market. We do the research. You reap the benefits. We strive to provide you with scientifically accurate information on any condition that ails you and what you can do to fight on. This information is not just oriented towards alternative therapies, but also conventional medical information, in the hopes that you may use the information to live a happier, healthier life. What you do with this information is entirely up to you. Use it wisely to achieve optimal health and fight the effects of aging.

Our Mission

Our mission is to benefit humanity
. This project began with that in mind, and that in mind alone. We would love to be able to claim we strive to benefit every life we touch. But that would be untrue: as no piece of lettuce will ever benefit by being placed on our plates. So the mission is aimed towards benefiting you, the individuals, that sum up to form all of humanity.

Our Philosophy

We consider ourselves free thinkers
. We look at everything from different angles; from different perspectives. The time and resources we, and our colleagues invest, are aimed at providing you with the truth about dietary supplements, how to use dietary supplements, what ingredients to look for in dietary supplements, and what proportions to use. They say “the dose makes the poison”. This is an attempt at harm reduction. We want you to be benefiting from what you put into your body and not poisoning it. This is our goal.

We want to ensure media hype and marketing schemes aren’t being used to draw in your hard earned money. Many products on the market may be causing you more harm than good. This form of advertising has got to go. Where is the science in all of these claims being made? We assure you, we will try to the best of our abilities, to help you avoid the hype and understand the science. We hope to empower you, yourself, to do what is right for you as the individual you are.

With that in mind, let it be clear that the information we provide is not intended to act as a substitute for a one-on-one consultation with your physician. No God fearing person would advise such a thing. We strongly urge you to consult your physician prior to beginning any alternative therapy or supplement regimen. We empower you with the knowledge. But only your physician has the knowledge to tune it to you, the individual. He or she, should be involved every step of the way to your achievement of a healthier body, mind, and spirit.